Useful Tips on Giving Jewelry as Gifts

The act of giving jewelry as a gift is often viewed as a highly romantic gesture. Usually, it is the man that does the giving and because of the expensive cost of these gifts, they are only given on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

Of course, jewelry can also be given as gifts even when there are no special occasions. As a matter of fact, the recipient will appreciate the gesture and the gift even more if they receive it out of the blue and for no apparent reason at all.

Choosing the kind of jewelry that you would give depends on several factors – who the recipient is, their personal style, their age, their gender, your budget, and so on. If you can’t decide what to pick, it is always a good idea to give someone a piece of jewelry with their birthstone in it.

Birthstones are gems that correspond to the 12 months of the year. A person’s birthstone is the gem that is assigned to the month that they were born. Giving someone a birthstone present is very special not only because of the intrinsically high value of the gift but also because it has a personal meaning for the recipient.

In addition to being matched up with the months of the year, each birthstone also has a special meaning. You can also refer to these meanings to figure out which kind of jewelry would be best to give certain people.

• January/Garnet – Faith and stability
• February/Amethyst – Happiness and sincerity
• March/Aquamarine – Bravery and hope
• April/Diamond – Innocence and joy
• May/Emerald – Tranquility and peace
• June/Pearl – Purity and wisdom
• July/Ruby – Nobility and passion
• August/Sardonyx – Joy and power
• September/Sapphire – Hope and honesty
• October/Opal – Sweet love and confidence
• November/Topaz – Faithfulness and friendship
• December/Turquoise – Success and understanding

Once you have chosen the kind of jewelry you are going to give, you should also give some careful thought to how you are going to present it. You can always just wrap it in a box and give it directly to the person but oftentimes, the surprise approach has the biggest impact.

For example, men who are proposing to their girlfriends with a diamond ring usually put the ring in a glass of champagne or on a slice of cake, which certainly takes the woman by surprise. If you are giving your wife a necklace for Valentine’s Day, you can put the necklace around the neck of a stuffed toy. She will surely appreciate the stuffed toy but will even be more pleased once she notices the piece of jewelry with it.

Jewelry is not a cheap gift. If you are going to buy it as a gift, it would be advisable to do so from an actual store where you can see the goods before you buy them, instead of an online jewelry shop that can very easily turn out to be a scam operation rather than a legitimate store.