Effective Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Getting rid of wrinkles is a problem that millions of men and women have been dealing with since time immemorial. Thanks to developments in the field of medicine, as well as experiments in home remedies, there are now dozens of wrinkle removal products and procedures that you can choose from.

Below is a list of the most effective treatments that you can use to get rid of those unattractive wrinkles, or at least to delay their debut on your skin.

• Quit smoking. Smoking greatly speeds up the process of aging, which is why smokers tend to show wrinkles much sooner than those who do not smoke.
• Use sun protection. Too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays can also cause wrinkles, along with other skin health problems. Whenever you need to be under direct sunlight, make sure to apply sun screen lotion first, or to wear a wide-brimmed hat over your head.
• Limit alcohol consumption. You can drink an occasional glass of wine but you should definitely avoid the kind of heavy drinking that causes hangovers. Too much alcohol in the body damages the skin, making it sag and become wrinkled.
• Drink plenty of water. Hydration is very important for keeping the skin healthy.
• Eat fruits and vegetables. Instead of loading up on meats, it would be better to increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly those that are rich in antioxidants, like papaya, guava, pineapple, brussel sprouts, and asparagus.
• Use a mild soap. Soap that contains too many artificial chemicals makes skin more susceptible to wrinkles. You can delay their appearance by using natural or very mild soaps for washing your body.
• Use anti-wrinkle creams. Take note that not all creams work on all kinds of skin. You may have to rely on trial and error before finding the one that will work for you.
• Undergo dermatological procedures. For faster and more apparent results, you can have a dermatologist perform certain procedures on your skin, such as laser surgery, chemical peels or Botox injections. The costs and results of these procedures vary widely so you should have a thorough discussion with your doctor before you can make the best decision.

Take note that the effects of wrinkle-removing products and procedures vary from person to person. What works for someone may not necessarily work for you. To avoid experiencing negative side effects, be sure to choose which procedure to use wisely and make sure to consult with a doctor before beginning any treatment.